Umpqua Training & Employment Inc.

Umpqua Training & Employment

Who We Are

Umpqua Training & Employment is committed to "Helping Build Work Ready Communities".  It is our Mission to be a valuable resource to the citizens of our County whether it be a business partner or a job seeker.

Who We Are

Business Investments

A strong workforce is critical to a strong economy. Skilled workers ensure that our local businesses can continue to compete and grow.

UT&E provides customized and innovative solutions to complex workforce problems. We link workforce supply with industry demand and develop strategies to meet the just-in-time hiring, training, and retention needs of business.

We invest training resources to prepare people for in-demand occupations in the targeted industry sectors of manufacturing, healthcare and transportation. We also provide workforce solutions in support of regional economic development recruitments and area employers who are hiring for living wage jobs. And because we take a regional approach to managing the talent pool through our work we always ensure that companies receive the most qualified workers from throughout our labor force.

Our staff are experts in the industries that they support and are continually analyzing the effectiveness of our programs and services to ensure that they meet the needs of business.

The end result is that business and industry throughout our region have the talent they need to thrive.

For information about our Business Investment services,contact Susie Marical at 541-677-1615.

Adult Investments

UT&E convenes partners, designs programs, coordinates services, and invests funds to help job seekers acquire the skills they need to support themselves and to meet the staffing needs of regional industry.

We are continually working to integrate workforce programs and services funded by other partner agencies into the public system to align resources, increase efficiency, and generate better outcomes for job seekers.

Thousands of area jobseekers visit UT&E each year to access an array of employment and training services funded by our investments including:

  • Testing for the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)
  • Occupational skills training including Work Experience and On-the-Job Training(OJT)
  • Career planning assistance
  • Job readiness and resume workshops, job search and job placement
  • Assistance with GED completion
  • Self-paced e-learning lab and resource room

Youth Investments

UT&E wants all youth to be career ready.

Our youth workforce investments support a system that prepares young people for career-ladder employment. Our focus is on career exploration, work-readiness training and work experience to help young people understand the relevance of learning. The youth supported by our funding are motivated and want to reconnect with school or work, but face many barriers such as growing up in poverty or lacking the necessary skills and education. Our investments help disconnected youth get on a path to a successful career with the life skills necessary to stay on course.

Career Exploration

We work in partnership with the business community to provide career exploration opportunities for area job seekers. Job Seekers are given the opportunity to explore careers through linking Career Information Systems inventories, Labor Market Information and the National Career Readiness Certificate to assist in making informed career decisions.

Work Experience

Youth need opportunities to learn the skills that can only come through real work experience, yet today only 1 in 4 teens are able to find employment. Our investments fund meaningful, paid work experiences to help young people learn and develop the skills necessary to succeed in today's world of work. We offer work experiences year-round.