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Trainee Testimonials

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Trainee Testimonials

UT&E was there with their help and continued support

With the help of UT&E and their understanding of my concern of returning to a classroom and limited knowledge of using a new and improved computer, I was able to obtain my Green Tech Certificate. UT&E was there with their help and continued support. Now, today I have finally obtained employment as a Maintenance Tech – Millwright, Electrician and Mechanic with Sunrise Enterprises. I want to thank the people at Umpqua Training & Employment for their time and patience and the chance to further my education and training. With my Green Tech Certificate I have a very good understanding of solar power. Recently I installed a solar power camera and motion detecting lights for security purposes. I want to thank all the people at UT&E for their support.
Melvin "Bruce" Jansen
Green Technology Certificate

Treated with Dignity and Respect

On Friday I was offered, and accepted a full time position. I would not have had the poise, confidence, and tools to gain a job of this caliber so quickly. From the first time I stepped through the doors at UT&E I was treated with dignity and respect. It was extremely refreshing to be treated as an equal, and not just another nameless job seeker. Admittedly, I was slightly skeptical that the Mission Possible seminar would help me find a job; I am delighted to have been wrong. The help building my resume and the interview class were crucial to my performance that landed me this job. Thank you all for your professionalism and help.


Ryan L. Perry


My Sincere Gratitude

This letter is to express my sincere gratitude to help pay for my CDL training. I was very happy to learn that I was selected to receive funding and can't express my appreciation enough to you for your generosity.

I was laid off my job where I had been employed for the past 6 years due to the poor economy, Although I began my job search right away, I was unable to find any suitable employment. Therefore, I decided to start attending UTE for placement testing and improving my job skills, as well as looking for a possible career change. When I inquired about working on my Commercial Driver's License at UTE, I was told of the CDL education program. I also learned about possible funding that might be available through UTE.

I have a very good driving record, and have always enjoyed driving. About 7 years ago I started working on my CDL, but I did not have the time or the money for a CDL program. After I obtained my permit, I tried to find a truck driver that could teach me, but was unsuccessful, and so had to drop that pursuit. But now that I have the time and, thanks to you, the money needed to cover most of my tuition, I will finally be able to accomplish the goal of obtaining my CDL. So I want you to know that the funds you provide are making a real difference in our community for individuals like me.

Thank you once again for the funding to help complete my training.

Gary A. Knowles
UCC Truck Driving Student

Highest Recommendation

To whom it may concern:
I am writing this letter to thank the people of UT&E as well as give my highest recommendation and regard for the hard work and personal attention that enabled me to land a great job with Associated Oregon Loggers.
I was born and raised in Douglas County and like many people here, I made my living in the woods industry. Unfortunately, the mill I worked for closed the doors at the end of 2009 and finding a job in Douglas County, Oregon at that time was extremely difficult if not impossible. I immediately went to Umpqua Training & Employment for help. I enrolled in a computer and keyboarding class through UT&E and learned the basics of how to operate computers. Within three weeks of finishing the class, UT&E placed me in a great job for the Douglas County Parks Department. Although this job was only a temporary job, it led to making great contacts that would later prove useful to landing the job I ended up with.
I was extremely fortunate to qualify for Trade Act benefits which allowed me to enroll in the BAA program at Umpqua Community College. Going to college at fifty years old created new challenges for me, but I managed. During this time, my personal case worker, Stephanie Reed, continued to contact me with several job openings she thought I might be interested in but I never seemed to be able to get my foot in the door. I came close a few times but it seemed I always fell short.
In January 2012, I found a small ad for a Safety Consultant position in the local newspaper; a job with my name all over it. I had taken classes from UT&E on how to put together a resume and cover letter, but I really wanted to get this one right, so I went to UT&E for help. Literally, the whole office and most of the staff gave their input into my cover letter and resume. It seemed they were as enthused about this job as I was. After working out the kinks on my cover letter and resume, we finally put together the final product, and the rest is as they say, history; I start my job tomorrow.
I owe a thank you for my new opportunity to several people and organizations such as the Trade Act, Umpqua Community College, and especially to the people within Umpqua Training & Employment. Without their help, I would still be a statistic. Ironically, UT&E, due to a lack of funding, was forced to lay off some of the very people who helped me during my time of need. This seems ironic and wrong to me since the need for organizations like UT&E are in greater demand than ever.
Again, I would like to thank all of the people of UT&E for everything, including all of the training, workshops, guidance and most importantly, for believing in me and never letting me give up. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  Mikael Weaver





Helpful and Motivating

     I would like to say that I have been through the classes and training that were provided by Umpqua Training & Employment and found it very helpful and motivating. It helped give me the confidence to jump back into the job market. I hadn't had to look for a job in 5 years and found it very intimidating however with their help was able to make the transition. The funding for a program that is as helpful is very worthwhile and the people employed by the Roseburg Branch are great and don't make you feel like you are bothering them any time you need to call. I have called for their assistance long after going through the program and they still helped and encouraged me and offered advice. This program is one of the best and I would like to see others have the opportunity to get their assistance also.
Pauline Sprinkle
 Certified Medical Assistant




Grateful for the Help

I don't have enough words or ways to express my gratitude for the help that UT&E provided me with through my schooling process. I will forever be grateful and I honestly believe that without this help I would not be where I am today. I am now going to be self sufficient!! A goal I have wanted for a very very long time. I don't want to have to depend on anyone or anything except myself. It has been a long journey but I made it with the help of many.
Thanks for everything~

Michelle MacDannald
UCC Nursing, Program Graduate

Extremely Beneficial

UT&E has been extremely beneficial in helping me complete by BS degree in Business Administration after I was laid off from Alcan Cable. The tutors were very knowledgeable and extremely helpful when I needed them. The entire staff was equally as helpful assisting me when needed. I appreciate Susan, Stephe and everyone else at UT&E that has helped me over the last couple of years. Thank you!
Sidney "Claude" Hall
Business Administration Graduate