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Recruitment Options

Every hiring tool you need is just a phone call away.
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Recruitment Options

Applicant Processing

We receive and screen applications and resumes.

We consult with you to learn what your requirements are. Then we post your job openings and process applications and resumes.

We can pre-interview the best candidates or simply provide you with a list.
The most qualified candidates can be pre-interviewed by us. Or we can help set up a schedule for you to interview them, either at your company's facilities or at ours. We can also check references thoroughly to save you time.

When you've made your choices, we can handle any regret letters.
Everyone who turns in an application, whether they make it to the interview or not, will receive a courteous letter thanking them for their interest and informing them that the position for which they applied has been filled.

Need something special?
We can customize hiring procedures to meet your needs, while conforming to your existing practices.

Background Checks

How much do you need to know about a candidate’s past?
We offer confidential, in-depth investigations of work history, DMV records and criminal history, and we do credit checks. You tell us what you need, we’ll get right on it.

Candidate Assessments

We do it all! Just give us a call and we'll help you choose the tests you need.

Basic Skills Test
This measures such skills as reading/comprehension, verbal communication, listening skills and basic arithmetic.

Office/Computer Skills Test
Here we test for competency in whatever software you need the candidate to be proficient in or at least familiar with. Plus we assess non-computer office skills.

Occupation-Specific Tests
If there is any specialized software competency (such as CAD) or any other specialized areas of knowledge or skills you require in a candidate, we can test for them.

Learning Skills Test
Sometimes it's not what they know, so much as how much and how well they can learn. That's what we test for here.

Reliability Test
An in-depth gauge of how much a candidate can be counted on and trusted.

Personal Characteristics Inventory.
Testing such areas as work ethics, courtesy and emotional maturity.