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Trainee Testimonials

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Trainee Testimonials

My Sincere Gratitude

This letter is to express my sincere gratitude to help pay for my CDL training. I was very happy to learn that I was selected to receive funding and can't express my appreciation enough to you for your generosity.

I was laid off my job where I had been employed for the past 6 years due to the poor economy, Although I began my job search right away, I was unable to find any suitable employment. Therefore, I decided to start attending UTE for placement testing and improving my job skills, as well as looking for a possible career change. When I inquired about working on my Commercial Driver's License at UTE, I was told of the CDL education program. I also learned about possible funding that might be available through UTE.

I have a very good driving record, and have always enjoyed driving. About 7 years ago I started working on my CDL, but I did not have the time or the money for a CDL program. After I obtained my permit, I tried to find a truck driver that could teach me, but was unsuccessful, and so had to drop that pursuit. But now that I have the time and, thanks to you, the money needed to cover most of my tuition, I will finally be able to accomplish the goal of obtaining my CDL. So I want you to know that the funds you provide are making a real difference in our community for individuals like me.

Thank you once again for the funding to help complete my training.

Gary A. Knowles
UCC Truck Driving Student