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Trainee Testimonials

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Trainee Testimonials

UT&E was there with their help and continued support

With the help of UT&E and their understanding of my concern of returning to a classroom and limited knowledge of using a new and improved computer, I was able to obtain my Green Tech Certificate. UT&E was there with their help and continued support. Now, today I have finally obtained employment as a Maintenance Tech Millwright, Electrician and Mechanic with Sunrise Enterprises. I want to thank the people at Umpqua Training & Employment for their time and patience and the chance to further my education and training. With my Green Tech Certificate I have a very good understanding of solar power. Recently I installed a solar power camera and motion detecting lights for security purposes. I want to thank all the people at UT&E for their support.
Melvin "Bruce" Jansen
Green Technology Certificate