Umpqua Training & Employment Inc.

Umpqua Training & Employment


Been laid off? Or just need a change? Why not talk to a career consultant about a whole new direction? We can help you make it happen!


Let's start building your brighter future.

First, we'll review your work history.

What worked? What didn't? What would you really like to be doing?

Then we'll identify skills you already have that would readily transfer to a new career.

We'll help you determine what new skills you may need. Or what existing skills you may need to brush up on.

You'll learn what local resources are available to help you get any training you need.

Courses at Umpqua Community College? On-the-job training opportunities? We'll help you find them. We may even be able to help pay for them!

We will help you develop a Career Pathway.

It's so much better than simply looking through the "help wanted" ads. You'll know what your career goal is and exactly what steps you're going to take to achieve it. You will find that prospective employers are always impressed by your taking definite, proactive steps to enter a new career.