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The Community Truck Driver Training Project was born from local conversations with industry leaders wanting to take action to reduce driver shortages in Douglas County. Businesses decided their competitive position depended on one, some or all other businesses in the group to collectively impact the problem. To that end the first order of business was to assemble community partners to:

1). Raise awareness of industry needs

2). Raise capital for training scholarships

3.) Recruit non- traditional trainees

4). Provide class schedules that meet the needs of trainees and businesses

5). Update UCC’s fleet

The project was designed to obtain funding from a variety of sources so a diverse population of applicants could be trained.


Oregon Employment Department Data –

  • ·Truck drivers were once again number one on the list, with 86% of vacancies being listed as difficult to fill. Truck drivers had the highest number of job vacancies in Oregon (2227). There are 170 annual openings in Douglas, Coos and Curry counties with 166 of those being replacement openings; Douglas County had the most openings. Twenty-eight percent of Douglas County driversare 55+, largest share in Oregon.”
  • ·12/28/16 - Truck Drivers Are in for Long-Haul Demand – “In Oregon, this occupation is expected to have an average of 690 openings per year 2014 – 2024 which is a much higher than the average number of state wide opening across all occupations.”
  • ·2018 - Quality Information Jobs & Careers/Industry Profile – Coos, Curry, Douglas,
  • “Annual wage in 2013 for truck drivers was $41,590 by 2017 it was $48,077”.
  • ·06/27/18 - Douglas County: Jobs Today and Tomorrow, Regional Economist – 96% of Heavy Tractor-Trailer jobs are difficult to fill.
  • ·Trade, transportation, and utilities (17.5%) make a strong contribution to Douglas County’s economy – 2nd largest payroll $221.5 million after government.

Oregon Trucking Association – Trucking Facts: There are 91,410 trucking industry jobs in

Oregon – 1 in 17 jobs in the state.

Oregon Public Broadcasting – “Trucking Industry Struggles with Growing Driver Shortage; 70% of all freight delivered in US is by trucks”.


Private Industry 

A&M Transport – Hauls general commodities in both interstate and intrastate commerce.

Terrain Tamers – Chip hauling throughout the State of Oregon and Southern Washington.

Ireland Trucking – Log hauling, serving the Pacific Northwest from Southwestern Washington, Western Oregon, and North California.

Roseburg Forest Products – Softwood chip export (Coos Bay) to international markets.

Gene Whitaker, Inc. – Log hauling since 1959 (Will also be assisting with advertising costs).

Industrial Board

Douglas County Industrial Development Board- Goal: Quality jobs for Douglas County residents.

Community Non-Profits

Umpqua Training & Employment, Inc. - Training and Employment Services.

South Coast Business Corp. / Southwestern Oregon Workforce Investment Board – Training / Employment Services.


The Ford Family Foundation – Community Economic Development:Increase the number of rural residents who are trained in a way that match current and projected rural labor force demand and are connected to employers.

Umpqua Community College Foundation – raise funds to purchase newer trucks.

Service Partners

Umpqua Community College / Community & Workforce Training – Truck Driver Training Provider and trainee referrals.

Douglas County Parole and Probation - Referrals/supervision/fee assistance for training.

TrueNorth Star Ministries – 2nd chance employment- referrals/mentorships/supervision.

South Coast Business Employment Corporation – Training & Employment


CommunityFunds and In-kind Services $483,610.00


Douglas County Industrial Development Board

The Ford Family Foundation

Umpqua Community College Foundation

Terrain Tamers

A&M Transport

Roseburg Forest Products

Ireland Trucking

Gene Whitaker, Inc.

South Coast Business Employment Corp. / SouthwesternOregon Workforce Investment Board

Umpqua Training & Employment, Inc.

Community goal - train 100+ truck drivers in the next year and a half

Employment Data will be gathered by UT&E once a quarter for one year after trainees gain employment. Information will include hire date, wage at hire and wage at the end of one year. Other information will be gathered as appropriate.

Truck Driver Training