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Advertising Options

We can save you time and money getting the word out about your job openings. And free job posting is fast and easy.

Advertising Options

On Our Website

We'll post your listing on our website and other popular job-posting sites. Free!

Just fill out our job-posting form and we'll take it from there. You may also email your job description to Susie at or phone Susie at 541-677-1615 and she will fill out the form for you.

Newspaper & Radio

We can place your job opening radio and newspaper ads, and save you time!

We not only place ads for you, we値l help you create them or we値l create them for you! We know the most effective medium to choose. And it can easily end up costing you less to have us handle your ad placement than to do it yourself.

Job Boards

Your job openings will appear on other online job boards around the state and even across the nation!

Our on-site postings are linked to job boards all over the country. Your postings will automatically appear according to your geographic recruitment area, which we'll help you figure out.